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Weaving the Web Is the Way of Women
Caretaking the Planet

Harriet Goodluck
Navajo Nation, New Mexico, USA
Harriet Goodluck is an eighty-one-year-old full-blooded Diné (Navajo) woman. She has spent most of her life in the Four Corners of the Southwest and is fluent in Diné. Long married to a traditional Diné man, she is mother to eight children, grandmother to thirty, and great-grandmother to eleven. Harriet worked as a registered nurse and is now retired on her farm, where she has fruit trees, corn, alfalfa, and herds of cattle and sheep.

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Visions of a Red Road Warrior
Principles of Red Road Recovery

Dana Pictou
Mi'kMaq, Nova Scotia
Dana Pictou is a member of the Acadia Band of the Mi'kMaq in Nova Scotia. Born of the Turtle Clan, Dana is a traditional ash-basket maker, and teacher of that art. He served on the board of directors for the Rhode Island Indian Council in the late 1990s developed the Shooting Star Lodge, an intertribal education outreach program. While earning a master of science degree in psychology, he and his wife, Lorraine Landers, started the Dawnland Center for alcohol and drug recovery - what is known among the Indians as Red Road work.
Father of three and grandfather of three, Dana lives in the backwoods of Vermont with his wife. They own a thirty-five acre farm complete with a medicine lodge, a longhouse, a women's house. Together they raise wild turkeys, corn, beans, squash, and Penobscot pumpkin.

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We Wander This World with a Purpose
Laws of Light-Sound

Mali Keating
Abenaki, Vermont
Mali Keating is a sixty-eight-year-old elder and activist who has presided over innumerable Indian councils and organizations. Raised with grandparents from the Odanak reserve in Quebec, she is of the Bear Clan. Mother of four and grandmother of seven, Mali lives with her daughter and granddaughter in a turn-of-the-century farmhouse in Vermont. Continuing in her mother's illustrative footsteps, Mali's daughter is finishing a master of arts degree in Native American studies at Dartmouth College. Mali shared moose stew, squash, and most of an afternoon with me touching on a broad range of subjects near to both our hearts.

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The New Elders
Principles of Environmental Justice

Fred Kennedy
Seneca Nation, New York
Fred Kennedy was born of the Beaver Clan on the Cattaragus reservation in upstate New York. Great Bear (Nugwite) is one of the last traditional carvers of the snow snake, a message-tipped spear thrown from village to village. Currently a champion thrower of the snow snake, headsman of his people, strawberry farmer, woodsman, father of three and grandfather of three, Fred maintains a traditional lifestyle, including living without running water.

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The Star Nations Are Here to Help Us
Healing the Four Races

Troy Lang
Cherokee Nation, North Carolina
Troy Lang was born of the Red Paint Clan in Asheville, North Carolina. His mother was a full-blooded Cherokee, his father a Berber from North Africa. His indigenous name, Rolling Thunder, foretells the deep voice with which he speaks and sings. Troy's love of music and his commitment to activism - as a charter member of the International Treaty Council, which holds a seat at the United Nations - force him to live in a high-rise apartment in New York City, a place his Indian mind abhors. Here, in a small living room packed with video tapes documenting every statement he will make, we talk of Star Ancestors.

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ET Is Here
Rituals for Visitation

Oscar Rodriguez
Tarahumara, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Oscar Rodriguez was born in Mexico City in 1943. He first saw pictures of flying saucers in American magazines, which he could not read. His mother was Tarahumara Indian from Chihuahua, his father Castillian Spanish. At age fourteen Oscar came to the attention of Diego Rivera, who took him on as a protégé and inducted young Rodriguez into the muralist painting union. Researching UFO books, Oscar learned some English. As an artist and cultural historian whose work is held in museums and private collections around the world, Rodriguez embodies the aesthetic conscience of the Yucatan, where he believes extraterrestrials appear now as they did thousands of years ago. A dynamo of energy at age fifty-six, Oscar was difficult to reach. He is the father of one son..

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The Farther You Go for the Medicine, the Stronger It Is
Solar Initiation of Mystery Schools

Hunbatz Men
Maya, Yucatan, Mexico
Hunbatz Men is a Mayan elder, Day Keeper, and caretaker of the ancient wisdom. For untold generations his family has been the protector of Mayan traditions, teaching only a select few. Chosen at age one, Hunbatz began his studies with his uncle, Don Beto. Today at fifty-five, with five decades of knowledge behind him, Hunbatz has chosen to "open up" the teachings of the Mayan calendar. As with other keepers of the secret societies around the world, Hunbatz Men has ruled that the old taboos no longer apply. Combining generosity with urgency, he shares the secrets of the spiritual science of the cosmos. Author of several books and lecturer of vast experience, Hunbatz Men emanates masculinity, kindness, and a most gentle wisdom.

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It Will Happen in Hopiland
Sacred Site Empowerment

Paul Werner Duarte
Olmec, Chiapas, Mexico
Paul Duarte's Indian name is Yuk, "Little Deer." He is a German/Mayan descendant of the Olmec culture from Vera Cruz, Mexico. He was initiated into Olmec medicine ways at age six by his grandmother, Claudina Duarte, a full-blooded Olmec seer. Paul is one of the "new elders," and everywhere he walks bands of children follow him. Fluent in four languages - Yucatec Mayan, German, Spanish, and English - Paul studied anthropology at DePaul University and is currently a federal tour guide in the ancient lands of Mexico. He has been working with the Hopi since 1993. Paul carries the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the Mayan culture.

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The Paradigm Shift
We Are All Star Seed

Cecilia Vindiola Dean
Yaqui, Arizona
Cecilia Dean worked for seven years as a victim-witness advocate for the Pima County attorney's office, providing crisis response counseling for victims of violent crime. She received her B.A. at the University of Arizona and continued her studies doing graduate work at Bernard Baruch, City University of New York. She is a member of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a member of the Ancient Astronauts Society, and a member of the Center for the Study of Extra-terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). She is also a founding member and chief executive officer of Stargate International, a research and educational development organization dedicated to establishing public forums and training programs and creating classroom curricula in the area of UFO history and extraterrestrial intelligence. Cecilia, a powerful, dynamic woman, is of Yaqui descent.

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We Do Not Take Our Bodies with Us
Developing Psychic Powers

Shona Bear Clark
Creek Nation, Oklahoma
Shona Bear Clark was born of the Wind Clan and raised on the Creek Indian reservation near Oklahoma City. Tall and light skinned with high cheekbones and fine features, Shona Bear descends from a proud line of medicine women. Immersed since childhood in secret knowledge and fluent in the sign language of the Creek, Shona is a practitioner of ritualistic healing arts. My cousin on my mother's side, she is the mother of seven, grandmother of seventeen, and great-grandmother of one. We speak during a cold March day in Shona's adobe artist's studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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The Truth Has Always Been Here
Practice of Traditional Prayer

Sequoyah Trueblood
Choctaw Nation, Oklahoma
Sequoyah Trueblood was born in Stroud, Oklahoma. His father is Choctaw/Cherokee/Chickasaw, his mother German/English. Sequoyah grew up on a self-sustaining farm, learning to work the land to survive. He spent many years in residential boarding school, which let him into the army at the age of seventeen. As a Green Beret he was part of the Special Forces Operational Detachment "A Team," and eventually became a major. He fluently speaks Thai, Korean, and Japanese. In the service he was a code breaker for military intelligence. In Southeast Asia he was involved with "Master," the development of intelligence technology.
Sequoyah is the father of five, grandfather of four, and great-grandfather of one. He lives on the Kahnawake reservation in Canada with Marilyn Kane, one of the originators of the Native Women's Association of Canada. Sequoyah has worked extensively with Indian youth wilderness programs, the unity regional youth program for substance abuse, and Cherokee Challenge in North Carolina. He is currently creating permaculture programs in Kahnawake, Akewasasne, and Cherokee. Sequoyah shares his teaching of global unity and compassion. His is truly a remarkable being who emanates light.

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