Stories of Extraterrestrial Contact by Wisdom Keepers Around the World
The World Peace - Compassionate Enlightenment

Image: Khenpo Kharthur Rinpoche - Red Star Productions - Nancy Red Star

1) Khenpo Kharthur Rinpoche

Khenpo Kharthur Rinpoche Tibetan Buddhist Monk, Woodstock, New York
Khenpo Kharthur Rinpoche was born in Tibet and came to America in exile twenty-five years ago. He is the head abbot of the Dharma Triyana Chakra Monastery in Woodstock, New York. His monastery is the Seat of the Karmpa in the West (karmpa means "enlightenment"). Since his arrival, Khenpo Kharthur Rinpoche has helped create forty-two branch centers to teach and explain the dharma -- the lawful order of the universe.

Spiritual Renewal - The Big Mother

Image: Rabbi Ohad Ezrah - Red Star Productions - Nancy Red Star

2) Rabbi Ohad Ezrah

Israeli Scholar and Spiritual Leader , Rabbi Ohad Ezrah is the director of Ha'makom and codirector of MINAD, which, in English, is the Institute for Spirituality and Jewish Renewal. Ha'makom is the first non-Orthodox institution to integrate prayer and spiritual studies with meditation, music, dance, and yoga. Rabbi Ezrah has created a new indigenous cultural renaissance by blending Jewish mysticism with the Eastern Orthodox wisdom. Rabbi Ezrah was raised in a secular family and began his spiritual quest at the age of fifteen, traveling to India and Japan, where he became a Zen Buddhist monk. Now thirty-seven, he is a husband and father, and accomplished academic scholar, and the author of three books. His words are encouragement for the mind-body-spirit.

Breaking the Stone - Healing the Waters

Image: Desiree Fitzgibbon - Red Star Productions - Nancy Red Star

3) Desiree Fitzgibbon

Tasmanian Celtic Shaman. Raised in Tasmania, Desiree is a descendant of Celtic lineage. She is a gifted speaker and has received permission from the Aboriginal women Elders to share these teachings. A true artist in the very essence of the word, her works are exhibited internationally and in private collections in Tasmania, Canada, and the United States. Desiree's canvases are a synthesis of experience, a search for language to express the intrinsic patterning of the land and the patterns held in the memory of space. As a mother and teacher, she is currently spearheading the development of Temenus, a creative and spiritual retreat center for international artists situated in light forest on a secluded bay in Dunalley, Tasmania.

Tribal Ink and Link - Awakening Humanity

Image: Luis E. Mejia - Red Star Productions - Nancy Red Star

4) Luis E. Mejia

Columbian Musica Journalista: Luis E. Mejia was born in Bogota, Colombia. He is a Muisica Indian, a descendant of the inhabitants of South America. He was initiated by the Kogi of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Colombia and the Quero in Cuzco, Peru. Luis is a journalist and creator of Tribalink Inc., the Native America and Eco-News Network, which captures the heartbeat of the indigenous communities of North, South, and Central America.
Luis is the only person I have ever met who knows how to create a light frequency within crystals, which he uses for healing people and the planet. .

Truth - The Brotherhood of the Snake

Image: Agent Daniel M. Salter

5) Daniel Morris Salter

French Comanche, Former CIA/NRO Agent: Agent Daniel M. Salter is a retired counter-intelligence agent for the Scientific and Technical Unit of Interplanetary Phenomena. He was a CONRAD courier for President Eisenhower and a member of the Pilot Air Force, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the CIA, and the Development of Conscious Contact Citizenry Department (DCCCD), with the United States military. He taught courses on electromagnetic anti-gravitational propulsion systems as a professor emeritus at Mountain View College in Texas. Of Comanche and French descent, Daniel is the father of three and grandfather of three. A man with a mission, he has a brilliant mind and the most extensive film and reading library on the history of UFOs that I have ever encountered.

The Geneticists - In Solitude

Image: Ana Brito - Red Star Productions - Nancy Red Star

6) Ana Brito

Cuban-Basque Writer and Medium: Tracing her lineage to the Basque region of Spain and the Canary Islands, Ana descends from a long line of wise women. Her paternal great-aunt, Nena Brito, is a gifted medium, and her maternal grandmother, Emma Saenz-Aquero, a great visionary. Exposed to vast storehouses of knowledge since early childhood, Ana is driven by a call to filter higher consciousness to people of all ages and backgrounds. As a writer, Ana is currently working on her first book, Philo & Sophia: Love and Wisdom for the Information Age.

High Strangeness - Spiritual Choice

Image James Lujan - Red Star Productions - Nancy Red Star

7) James Lujan

Taos Pueblo Tiwa Filmmaker, Taos, New Mexico, USA: James Lujan is a thirty-five-year-old filmmaker born on Taos Pueblo lands. A graduate of Stanford University and U.S.C. Film School, his first feature documentary, called High Strange, New Mexico, is about the UFO subculture in his home state. His second documentary, Little Rock's Run, concerns Little Rock Read, an American Indian fugitive. His recently completed documentary, Inner Spirit, looks at AIDs in the Pueblo community. James is the founder of Taos Productions, Ltd., Co. and also the Taos Filmmaker's Initiative, which offers workshops, seminars, and a supportive environment for emerging filmmakers. He completed his first dramatic feature, Of Things Unknown, a film set in Taos that deals with UFOs, sex, and spirituality. Currently, James' production company is building a digital film and video studio, the only Native American owned film facility to date.

Guardians of the Gate - Women's Earth Wisdom

Image: Colleen Kelly - Red Star Productions - Nancy Red Star

8) Colleen Kelly

Scottish-Irish Women's Leader: Colleen is cofounder of Living Systems, an organization that provides training for communication skills and conflict resolution for small businesses and entrepreneurs. She is codirector of the Women's Alliance, a program designed to empower women. Colleen is nationally recognized as a community leader; she has been featured in Visionary Voices: Women on Power and has appeared on Good Morning, America. Colleen leads wilderness treks in Nepal and works with Sacred Arts, an organization formed to study wisdom traditions from around the world. She is a talented artist, and her works have been exhibited around the globe. Colleen Kelly has been practicing Tibetan Buddhism for over twenty years.

Twin Hearts - Star Soul Attunement

Image: Dr. RA-Ja Dove - Red Star Productions - Nancy Red Star
Image: Dr. Moi-RA Dove - Red Star Productions - Nancy Red Star

9) Dr. RA-Ja Dove, Dr. Moi-Ra Dove

German-Yugoslavian Naturopathic Physician,and Filipino Professor of Philosophy and Ethics: Dr. Raja worked for more than a decade as a naturopathic physician, teaching in medical universities and hospitals and working with chiropractors and doctors while maintaining his own clinics in remote centers around the globe.

Professor Moi-RA is the niece of Juan Ortega, the originator of the world-famous Philippine Psychic Surgery center, Union Espiritista Christiana de Filipinas. Following in his footsteps, she is a professor of philosophy, ethics, and religions of the Far East at the University of Manila. Together, Dr. Raja and Professor Moi-RA are cofounders of the Aquarian Perspectives Interplanetary Mission, an organization devoted to aligning spiritual teaching centers with power vortexes around the

Holding the Universe

Image: Jingalu - Red Star Productions - Nancy Red Star


Australian Bunjalung and Birigan Gargle Yeagle Aborigine Artist: Jingalu is a member of the Bunjalung and Birigan Gargle Yeagle Aborigine tribes from the far north coast of New South Wales. Independent at the age of fifteen, she was accepted at the prestigious Fine Arts department of Cairnes College of Tafe for Aboriginals and Islanders. Jingalu embarked on a career that has combined painting and teaching in Aboriginal art, culture, and history. She has exhibited extensively in both Australia and North America. In 1996, she was the winner of the inaugural Indigenous Arts Fellowship. She has written and illustrated a book on the Dreamtime stories of her people.

A Gathering of Nations - Serving Mankind

Image: Sultan Abdul Latif - Red Star Productions - Nancy Red Star

11) Sultan Abdul Latif

Historian of Islam in Africa and the Americas: Sixty-two-year-old Sultan Abdul Latif is of African American and Native American descent. He is also a scholar of the prophecies and records kept by many cultures. The author of two recent books, Slavery: The African American Psychic Trauma and the soon to be released When Nations Gather, he lectures and speaks at many universities and religious organizations. He is the president of Latif Communications Group, Inc., a multimedia firm specializing in book publishing, newspaper publishing, and video and film productions. He is also the director of The Media Connection, a weekly television show featuring a variety of journalists and news that impact the African American community. Mr. Latif serves as an educational consultant and media specialist for the Chicago Board of Education. A nationally renowned historian and teacher, he lives by the power of example and by the grace of Allah.

Sunbow - World Cycles

Image: Naoko Hitomi - Red Star Productions - Nancy Red Star

12) Naoko Hitomi

Japanese Healer: Naoko Hitomi was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1947. She is a board member and cofounder of Sunbow Five Foundation for Planetary Healing, which uses three principles -- Johrei, nature cultivation, and art -- to heal the individual. She is a past president of International Environmental Associates LTP, a Boston-based company that cleans up sites of environmental pollution, and also a past president of Cultural Exchange Associates, an educational exchange program, of Boston and Tokyo. Naoko is the mother of three and a beautiful spirit.

Journey of the Star Ancestors

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